UPDATE: $MYC token and liquidity

$MYC is the native token for Mycelium. Mycelium’s products are Mycelium Perp Pools, and Mycelium Perp Swaps. $MYC is a governance and utility token.

The transition from $TCR to $MYC was approved last week after a successful DAO proposal vote.

TCR holders are entitled to 1:1, that migration contract is live — and there is liquidity on both Ethereum mainnet and Arbitrum for holders to change their token: https://migrate.mycelium.xyz/.

There has been a number of questions in the discord since the transition about liquidity for MYC, where and how to buy it, contracts addresses, and when accurate data feeds / portfolio tracking will go live. Our team has been working closely to get these all up and running for launch, here are all the official links:

MYC token address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x4b13006980acb09645131b91d259eaa111eaf5ba

Coingecko price feed: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/mycelium



There is now sufficient liquidity deployed and being actively managed in UNIv3 contracts, so users can purchase the native $MYC token: https://info.uniswap.org/#/pools/0x66dd48889df1fc32cba3abfa2c453906d527eb2e

5M MYC is being managed in an actively managed concentrated liquidity position on Uniswap V3 (Mainnet) providing plenty of low price impact liquidity. This liquidity will bring parity to TCR:MYC, supporting the transition to MYC as more liquidity migrates.

Balancer liquidity: https://app.balancer.fi/#/pool/0x0a8156fdc4b488cb1bf1c44c7ee944088174fa30000200000000000000000319

2M MYC has also been provided to the Balancer Pools for MYC/ETH for ample liquidity.


UNIv3 Contracts: There is also approx 1M MYC, providing liquidity for the buy-side of $MYC.

Balancer Pools on Arbtirum have approx 2M MYC, providing liquidity for the buy-side of $MYC.




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