Tracer DAO: The Future of Derivatives!

Ryan Sean Adams and David Hoffman from Bankless

What is Tracer?

Tracer factory contracts

Perpetual Pools are the first killer app!

Upcoming Tracer Products

  • Perp Swaps — on-chain swaps market with permissionless deployment of new markets.
  • Options — on-chain options market to remove downside risk for digital assets. Locking up an in-game asset to fight an epic weeks long battle; manage downside price risks to continue to have a good time
  • Interest Rates Swaps — lock in interest rates across lending protocols to become even more bankless.
  • Futures — cash and physically deliverable markets for producers to manage risk of on-chain and off-chain assets.
  • Structured Products — earn yield by executing professional trading strategies through easy to access vaults.

How might people use Tracer?

  • Long Manhattan, short Brooklyn.
  • Long 2 bedroom apartments, short studios.
  • Long west coast, short east coast.

How big is the opportunity?

Stabilize the Metaverse, stabilize the world!

RSA and David



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