Tracer DAO at ETH Denver 2022

What has us pumped for February? It’s not just the long awaited release of Perpetual Pools V2, but Eth Denver!

The Tracer team is appearing at crypto’s most coveted event where the best in the business will build, collaborate and integrate, showcasing the latest product designs for the meta protocol that is the Ethereum network.

So what can we expect from Tracer DAO at ETH Denver 2022?

  • Tracer DAO hosts a special event during #BUIDLWeek
  • Also appearing at Schelling Point
  • The countdown to V2 Launch
  • Meet the Core Team at our booth & grab some pretty epic swag
  • Exploring Exotic Markets

#BUIDLWeek Event — 15th Feb

Tracer DAO is hosting an event during #BUIDLWeek where you can get to know the team and what the community is Buidling. Plus, uncover the Cambrian explosion of derivatives markets that is yet to come. In this conversation, you will hear from leaders building the next wave of innovation in DeFi derivatives.



Tuesday Feb 15th 1pm — 3pm (local time).

Look for the event “Cambrian Explosion of Derivatives Markets” on the ETHDENVER 2022 Schedule. & RSVP HERE

The Countdown to V2 Launch

Very soon, in and around ETH Denver, Tracer will launch Perpetual Pools V2. Whats the big deal?

  1. Long-term leverage without getting “rekt” by volatility decay.
  2. No more minimum entry.
  3. Permissionless Market Deployment.
  4. Create Custom Indices.

Read the full article here

Tracer Perpetual Pools V2

The Tracer DAO Booth

Meet the Tracer Team & grab a Tote: During the whole of ETH Denver you will be able to chat 1-on-1 with the Tracer team at the Tracer DAO booth and grab a free tote of goodies while you are there.

  • Come talk to us about our product roadmap and tell us what features excite you most.
  • Learn about the DAO and how you can be a part of Tracer’s future.
  • Discuss derivatives and learn a thing or two from our financial engineers.
  • Come and explore exotic markets!

See you there! 👋



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